Challenge started 15 JulyNext challenge coming soon! Hey team!I am so excited to launch one of the first challenges from the R3 Athletic Series. It has been a crazy year so far, but one thing is for sure, we are NOT going to stop chasing our goals, whether that is training or nutrition related. After months of hard work, we put together an all encompassing weight-loss challenge that will help kickstart your journey to a healthier you. This challenge is designed to help you improve your lifestyle, not change it completely. It is so important to me to help you make sustainable changes to your diet, one that is not too restrictive while helping you reach your goals. I hope you enjoy this challenge and we are here to help you every step of the way. With loveCoach Zaakz This challenge is perfect for:Individuals on a weight-loss journeyBeginners to intermediate training levelsIncludes vegan/vegetarian optionsIndividuals hoping to reset and kickstart their mindset and focus with regards to nutrition and training Your challenge includes:2x weight-loss meal plans designed by a registered DieticianEach meal has 7 different meal options, offering you a vairiety of meals each dayRecipes to create delicious meals6 week versatile training plan with video support. Training program is designed for beginners to advance and includes strength and HIITOnce a week online support from myself and the Dietician to do check ins and answer any questions. Please note:The challenge will be sent to you a few days before 15 JulyYou will need a set of dumbbells or 2x water bottles for trainingYou will be added to a private Instagram page Are you ready? Lets do this TRIBE!

42 day Kick-start Challenge